Music to Accompany Yoga by Phillip Conrad

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Yoga is a form of relaxation and mediation, which can offer many benefits. It increases flexibility. Increases lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons.

Moreover, it massages the organs of the body and serves as a complete detoxifier of body toxins that exist. Furthermore, it helps in toning the muscles, and provides balancing of the nervous system. Not only that, it reduces stress because of the gentle and slow exercises that are done and executed.

So Yoga, as a whole is very advantageous especially to the persons who are so busy and do not have time to relax. This is a very effective form of relieving stress and aside from that, your physical well being is protected and improved.

Its popularity is ever increasing and thus, the need for learning it is high. There are instructional videos that help us to round out our practice in yoga. These videos provides a variety of choices which we could choose from unlike from yoga classes in which some of them gets pretty boring for some of us. There are so many various positions that are taught and performed by Yogis.

Because of its widespread and continuous popularity, millions of people around the world engage in Yoga. There are so many people that have already been blessed with its benefits. There are so many types of Yoga that are exercised by people of different walks of life, ages and lifestyles. This only proves that it is indeed for everybody. One does not need to spend so much money on paying a tutor or simply joining a Yoga class.

There are more convenient ways to learn and practice them. You can do it in your own homes, if you have a video player you can buy various Yoga Videos that are available. Moreover, there are books that serve as beginners guide or seniors guide. It suits your needs whether you are a newbie to Yoga or if it has influenced you a lot that you would not want it to end just that way.

Yoga involves both the breathing control mechanism and the physical exercises that can be done to improve one's vitality, flexibility and strength. Since it is a form of exercise, it is usually accompanied with sound or music. Yoga music helps you set yourself in the mood to start the exercise.

With the different kinds of music, it will surely set your condition. There are various types of Yoga music like active, serene, kirtan, and mellow. Usually, it is the sounds of nature like wind chimes, chirping birds, wilderness and many others. While some are chants and Yoga music that was used back then. Yoga music brings together a mix and variety of world beat and sounds. Some are danceable and some sacred music are included.

This lets you move from the beginning to end. As a result, this enhances the flow of Yoga and your life. This is like a unifying pulse that is brought together to attain a certain atmosphere of indulgence, like the current of a river or the sound of nature when it is in bloom.

These are invigorating sounds that delight the senses and improve the movement of the body in accordance with the sound or music. Yoga music also serves as a light or inspiration for it brings back memories or thoughts.

Chicago 2016 Olympics Bid by Richard Cunningham

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Oprah Winfrey, the famed talk show host who recently renewed her contract to keep her show in the Windy City has offered her services to help bring the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid to a successful close according to a report in the Chicago Herald Tribune (We can just picture it now, Oprah sitting the IOC members down for a confab and saying "can we talk?"

And then the people from the committee all discussing the need for better communication and understanding, followed finally Oprah getting them to all agree and that famous "aha moment" when they say "yes, we'll send the Olympics your way, thanks Oprah!").

She doesn't have long to make her case however, since the committee will be making decisions within a week's time on October 2 in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. However, Oprah is hoping that her star power as the Queen of the talk show circuit (in the United States and in truth the world over - The Oprah Winfrey show, along with that of her protege, "Dr. Phil" is broadcast in dozens of countries, including places as varied as the UK and Israel).

If she decides to go along for the ride, she would be joined by several other celebrities, most notably America's First Lady, Michelle Obama (Apparently the President has at this time decided not to go himself to present Chicago's case since he is busy arguing for his health care reform bill - of course even if he wasn't, after his failed confab with Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas last week, he is probably licking his wounds and doesn't want to get into another situation where his star power may not be enough to make the case).

Another high powered star from Chicago land however will be going to make the case for the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid: none other than Michael Jordan, the famed basketball star is planning to wing over to Copenhagen and do his part to make the case.

Winfrey is still not certain to go. She has indicated that there is some talk about it and she has discussed it with Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid committee but so far nothing has been finalized. The real question of course is if the President himself is willing to take one more chance and put himself out there. Oprah is nice, but nothing would get the juices going quite like a Presidential visit.

College Football - Ed Bagley's Top 25 Poll - Week 6 by Ed Bagley

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College football's sixth week of competition was full of surprises for the four teams which lost their unbeaten status, and for the rest of the major college teams that learned why Florida started the season on top of the polls and remains on top after the sixth week of play.

Here are this week's picks for Ed Bagley's Top 25 Poll:

1) Florida - Traveled to No. 4 LSU and its mighty defense and lukewarm offense and won 13-3. Now you know why the Gators are No. 1 and LSU will be sliding in this poll.

2) Alabama - Traveled to No. 20 Mississippi to meet "the golden arm" Jevan Snead, who threw 4 interceptions as the Crimson Tide won 22-3. Here again, gone again. I am kicking Ole Miss out of my poll.

3) Virginia Tech - I thought Iowa was lame and now Texas is worse. The Hokies look more serious than Iowa and Texas put together.

4) Oregon - Lost its season opener and then got religion. Beat Utah, beat California 42-3, beat Washington State 52-6 and now ripped UCLA on-the-road 24-10.

5) Ohio State - Beat undefeated Wisconsin 31-13. Have limited their last 4 opponents to 27 points combined.

Things get really murky from here on in the poll. So many of the following teams have such weak victories over weak teams it is too difficult to see who else is a contender or a pretender.

6) Texas - Probably has more talent than Boise State, but could only beat a 1-5 Colorado team by 2 points while giving away 28 points. How can Texas be really good? Can't rank the Longhorns higher than 6th, and that is a gift they should earn.

7) Boise State - Idle this week, travel to Tulsa next.

8) Southern California - Idle this week, travel to Notre Dame next.

9) Cincinnati - Idle this week, travel to South Florida next.

10) Iowa - Got by Michigan but not by much. Travel to Wisconsin next.

11) LSU - Have a week to recover before facing Auburn.

12) South Florida - Unbeaten and just as deserving as TCU or Kansas. Host Cincinnati next, a big deal for the Bulls and coach Jim Leavitt.

13) Nebraska - Starting to act like a better team than TCU or Kansas.

14) TCU - Another lame win, this time over Air Force by 3.

15) Kansas - Another insanely lame win over by 5 over Iowa State while giving up 36 points. How long can Kansas stay undefeated? My guess? Not long. They face a pathetic Colorado team next and then get Oklahoma.

16) Miami (FL) - Beat a 1-AA team. Schedule gets easier than pie.

17) Oklahoma State - Won by 5 over Texas A&M while giving up 31 points.

18) Brigham Young - Goes to 5-1 by crushing UNLV 59-21.

19) Georgia Tech - Goes to 5-1 by outlasting Florida State 49-44. Hosts Virginia Tech next, good luck and God speed.

20) Pittsburgh - Now 5-1 after beating Connecticut 24-21. Hardly a big deal but there are some pretty unimpressive teams in anybody's Top 25 these days.

21) Notre Dame - Idle this week. Host Southern Cal next.

22) South Carolina - Goes to 5-1 by slipping past Kentucky 28-26. Travels to Alabama next. Yikes! Could easily arrive back home at 5-2.

23) Central Michigan - Now 5-1 after ripping the worse major team in the nation—Eastern Michigan—56-8. You tell me a better 5-1 team in the country. Nah, not Penn State; I am not sure they can beat Central Michigan. Penn State likes to play really pansy teams.

24) Idaho - Now 5-1 by playing the 62nd toughest schedule in the nation. The Vandals are no longer a doormat with coach Robb Akey. Idaho was 2-10 last year and has been traditionally one of the weakest teams in the nation. They don't really play a decent team until Boise State down the road, but at least I reward genuine effort and progress.

25) Penn State - My disdain for the Nittany Lions knows no bounds. Jo Pa would have them playing their opponents' grandmothers if they could get away with it. Paterno would play college JV teams at home just to pile up another "big" victory for Happy Valley.

Who have I left out? Whoever it is, let them do something so I can notice. It doesn't take any talent to blow smoke, and it doesn't take any talent to lose. Win and win big and I will put your team in my poll, until then, let the AP Poll and the Coaches' Poll reward lame teams in a popularity contest, I just call some teams for what they are—lame in victory, filled with excuses in defeat.

Shimano Sonora : More High-priced Than the Usual Gears by Jenny Jamey

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Throughout time, Shimano has continued to serve all anglers out there by allowing some of the warmest fishing reels they could find. Ever since they opened in 1921, Shimano has remained to allow some of the most durable, good, and top-notch Shimano Reels liberated. Through time, they have accumulated amicable follow-up from different types of fishing aficionados out there. They have consistently collected praise and wish and they extend to come through new fans middling. In spite of the fact that Shimano reels are more high-priced than the usual gears, its fans have learned that what they are paying for is well worth the investing. These Shimano reels are expensive since they are masterminded from Original textiles and are boned with a miscellanea of characteristics that greatly do good every fishing partisan. One of the most venerable Shimano reels is the Shimano sonora.

What Makes It Unique

The Shimano sonora is one of the most popular fishing reels made by Shimano. It may have simple excogitations, which sometimes misdirect anglers that it might not be anything original; even so, each Shimano reel is crafted to ooze out greatest and character. It will assist you every unique time and will not fail you. Aside from that, each Shimano sonora is incessantly upgraded and fine-tuned. Therefore, you can assure yourself that there is a peculiar type or worthy of Shimano sonora liquid for your manner of fishing.

Each raise it undergoes adds to its efficiency and mightiness. Each Shimano sonora rise is also only slimly more pricy than the new, so for mass who want to keep up with it, they will not end up serious a hole in their pockets. The foundation it undergoes is something that helps every fishing partisan, whether they are new to fishing or already cured professional people.

Even though commutes in the Shimano sonora have been going on left and right, what most people love about it still clay intact: its excogitation & durablity genuinely aids. It has some of the most functional yet severe reel figure that it gives you no job whenever you are taunting fish.

The only main advances done on the excogitation was just to make it sleeker and neat looking as well as making it handy so it can be brought anywhere. As for the holds though, Shimano Reels centered on the constituent of each reel. They also brought new functions on the Shimano sonora that will help to improve its functioning and lastingness. Moreover, the Shimano sonora is good to find, although you should be wary of imitations, authentic Shimano sonora can be found and ordered through legitimate online shops as well as land based shops.

The Shimano sonora corpses to be one of the most well-loved among the Shimano Reels. Its ability to continue to execute and return at high criteria is what keeps most of these fishing partisans coming back for the Shimano sonora.

Go and find you own authentic Shimano sonora at now. They have a multifariousness of Shimano reels ready just for you.

Brace Yourself for Sports Injuries by Pat Munro

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I recently had a sports injury in which I tore my anterior cruciate ligament. I have never felt that much pain in my life. Every movement which required use of my knee was excruciating. Apparently, the anterior cruciate is among the most important structures in the knee because it provides 86% of restraining tension to the joint. The ACL has mechanoreceptors that are sensitive to all knee movements and are important to trigger the muscle reflex actions. This would explain why I had such painful aching in my whole leg not just my knee. Apparently a torn ACL is actually referred to as an ACL deficiency, and affects timing of my knee muscle contraction. My body was trying to compensate for the ACL deficiency by using other muscles, namely my hamstrings. My hamstring reflex contraction has lengthened, and now my knee has limited anterior tibial displacement. In other words, a torn ACL affects the whole leg and can lead to some very serious long term damage.

I have been booked for surgery, but in the meantime I wanted to stave off fatigue, and stay somewhat fit. I was referred to a physiotherapist by my surgeon. He suggested I use a knee brace. It was explained to me that one of the most important factors of sports medicine and rehab management is the use of braces and supports to prevent injuries and further existing ones. It can be used in conjunction with a rehabilitation program that incorporates strength training, flexibility and activity modification. It can provide mechanical protection to the knee area and stability to the joint while I am putting pressure on it. Since the goal of my physiotherapy is to strengthen the muscles around my knee to make up for the absence of an intact ACL, I took his advice very seriously.

Knee braces are made from combinations of metals, foams, plastics, elastic materials and straps. Each brace has a specific purpose.

- A prophylactic brace is designed to protect the knee from injuries in contact sports. A simple brace which is made of neoprene and elastic, it is easily found in most pharmacies and sport stores.

- Functional braces give support to knees which have already been damaged, or injured. These are mostly neoprene and elastic, and can be found online and in medical supply stores.

- Rehabilitative braces limit the knees movements while it's healing, and offer stabilized knee support. It has metal bars to keep the knee from experiencing any torque while healing. Must be fitted properly when purchasing.

- Unloader/offloader braces provide relief to arthritis sufferers and consist mostly of neoprene.

For my particular needs, I was told I needed a rehabilitative brace to provide control and protection before and after knee surgery. Rehabilitative braces are used more than functional and prophylactic braces combined. They are used only to protect injured ligaments and control knee flexion and extension angles during the healing process. These braces are cost effective, especially compared to casting. They allow easy access for treatment and monitoring; their large frame limits excessive movement and sends a message to others to avoid nearing that area. Furthermore, they allow for my therapist to adjust range of motion based on my rate of healing. Rehabilitation braces help my physiotherapist keep pace with the ever changing healing process.

I have been using my brace in conjunction with physiotherapy for a month and the pain is already better. The first 10 days were very difficult, it hurt and I had to apply ice to the area and stay off it in order to allow the injured ligament to reattach to the bone. After a few weeks I was allowed back in the gym with my brace and my therapist, and have begun strengthening exercises. I have no range of motion even after such a short athletic interval. I am not to put excessive weight on that leg while exercising, so I have started swimming and walking in my own time, always with my brace. It is the most important investment I have ever made. I intend to be physically fit my whole life, and will probably need to continue using my brace in order to not hurt my ACL again. That's okay with me. Whatever works, I say.

Free Betting Advice - Laying Horses and Research - The Basics by Keith Driscoll

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+Horse Racing Research+

Research is potentially the most essential part of a professional gamblers armoury, as devoid of it we wouldn't have a clue concerning trends. We all know uncomplicated ones, such as non-handicap Favs (Favourites) win more races than handicap Favs, and that is a researched trend. However the professional gambler should find one that the majority of folk aren't aware of in order to profit from it.

In the past we used to take advantage of old copies of the Sporting Life, or Raceform results books, etc, but with computers these days it is much easier to keep your own records or employ such tools as Raceform Online, or RSB (Racing System Builder), Racexpert, Superfom, etc. These services, although expensive, will allow you to trawl through years of data, and come up with earlier trends.

Designing your own horse racing system is easy, although some can be complicated, just begin with a simple rule such as bet the shortest priced forecast horse of the day. This one rule gives you one bet a day, with a 50%+ SR (Strike Rate), and has been profitable over the past few years. However, there is a drawback. Due to the low odds, it is high turnover, for low profits (ROI% around 1%-3%, 5%+ is good), but gives you some idea, and you can add new rules as you progress. Skipping handicap races will increase the SR, and so on.

If I didn't do any research, I would in no way make cash, and it is a specialty you must constantly stay on top of.

+Laying Horses+

With betting exchanges now having a sound foothold in the gambling market, its achievable to back horses, football teams, etc, to lose (LAY), although several bookmakers are starting to give odds for laying, the prices are frequently against you.

It may perhaps sound straightforward to back a horse to lose, as its easier than picking a winner isn't it? But there is a catch the majority don't realise.

Taking an illustration from a recent race that won at an SP of 100/1, it was taken on the betting exchanges at 1000/1. This means that someone who wanted to make a effortless �2 profit, actually lost �2,000!! So he has to find another 1000 losers at �2 stakes in order to get that money back before he even can look at a profit.

For an evens chance (1/1), you have exactly as much probability of picking a loser, as you do of it winning, although statistically in the real world, you do essentially have something like 55% in your favour, as that's what the research shows, but it is still high risk at those odds.

Unlike a win bet when a 10/1 horse is 10/1, if you lay a horse at that price on the betting exchanges you have to take into account the difference involving the exchange price and SP, plus your commission as additional costs. This is what makes laying more difficult to profit from than straight win bets, as you just shell out the commission.

If you're recent to laying, just start at �2 level stakes, prior to moving on to any of the staking plans supplied to members on the site, while you get your brain around it all.

One useful thing on the subject of the betting exchanges is you can lay off any errors. Say you backed horse B with �50, but it ought to have been horse A! Then you lay horse B as well. You'll lose the commission, and the spread between the win-lose price, but its a small percenadditionally of the 50. Not many people consider that option and just let the bet ride only for it to prove expensive.

Also keep your laying and winning banks separate, and as with winning bets, NEVER chase your losses, you will fail in the end. Stick to the staking plans and system rules, and any losses should be recovered over time. Patience, not greed, will see you turn into a winning professional gambler. Remember that last bit of advice it may well save you a fortune.

The Hook Ball - Mastering the Technique of Hooking the Bowling Ball by Johnny Cartwright

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Most people, probably including you, start out bowling by using a "straight" shot. With this style of bowling, you simply point and shoot. Bowling with this style is effective, and you can in fact bowl an excellent score using it.

Even so, if you want to be more serious about bowling, or further improve your score, you'll need to learn more advanced techniques, adding more skill than luck to your game.

One of the first advanced moves most bowlers incorporate in their game is the hook ball.

By adding the hook ball to your arsenal, you gain much more control over where the ball travels, and which pins are knocked down.

The reason straight bowling can only get you so far is because you have to send the ball down the center of the lane, and hit pins straight on, while avoiding the gutters (and the dreaded gutter ball).

Few people can consistently bowl strikes with straight bowling -- often it's simple luck dictating where the ball strikes the pin, how much the ball is spinning, and how the pins fly around once hit.

More often than not, by sending the ball down the middle of the lane, you'll end up with a nasty split that is difficult to convert into a spare. Even if you do manage to nail the spare, you still won't be able to win a game against others that are able to hit strikes consistently.

That's where the hook ball comes in.

By using the hook ball, you add spin into your shot, using the spin to send the ball exactly where you want it to go.

Creating the hook is controlled by the way you release the ball.

In general, you should release the bowling ball with your thumb close to the bottom, using your fingers to give the ball some spin. With the right amount of spin, the ball should travel in a fairly straight line, until it reaches the "break point".

The break point is the spot in the lane when the ball begins to turn towards the target, leaving it's straight path. When the ball hits the break point, it should arc outwards slightly, then curve back toward the pins you were targeting.

To get the perfect hook ball, you'll need to analyze your bowling habits. You need to figure out your typical axis rotation and axis tilt -- or the amount of vertical and horizontal spin you usually put on your shots.

You can get an idea of these by the position of your hand when you release the ball -- get someone else to watch or take pictures or video of you while you throw several shots.

Once you've identified your axis rotation and tilt style, you can make appropriate corrections to your game. You can also get the best bowling ball for your style.

For a hook game, urethane balls are perfect. The texture of these bowling balls helps to add just the right amount of spin to your throw.

Once you've got the right ball, you need to practice. Learning how to hook the ball properly takes many throws, as you need to become comfortable with each aspect of the throw -- rotation, spin, location, speed.

It does take an investment of time, but once you've mastered the hook ball, you'll have a bowling technique available to you that will help you to score higher, making more strikes, and giving you a greater chance of hitting difficult spares.